Fragile Expo

Thoughts About Pots

In the spring of 2024, Erika Spitzer Rasmussen, the author of “Seeds of Hope,” informed me that she was currently working on a new three-dimensional book on paper. The book is a tribute to her father-in-law, who was a potter, and takes the form of various ceramics, such as tea bowls, flower vases, and round vases. Soon after, I opened the double box that arrived from the U.S. and found 12 different types of new pieces wrapped in the box. Each piece is bound with a ring of handmade washi paper engraved with words, and when you turn the pages one by one, it becomes a book, and when you stand it up, it becomes a “vessel. When you look at them closely, they look like Hamada Shoji's tea bowls, Yi Dynasty white porcelain, or Leach vases. Erika's father-in-law was Warren McKenzie, an American who possessed the spirit of folk art in the vein of Muneyoshi Yanagi, and a world-renowned potter who put down roots in Minnesota and popularized ceramics as a daily commodity.
[Period] 2023.12.1 - 2023.12.31