Fragile Books is a book art gallery that handles fragile books. Centering on three activities: monthly EXHIBIITION (Fragile Expo), ATELIER, which handles publishing and product development, and STORE, where you can see the actual product by appointment. This is a complex book project in which research groups and archives are loosely linked.

Fragile books gather here and are born here. Detailed bookbinding, book-like art, old books decayed by slow fire, solitary books, incomplete fragments and missing parts, books before they become books, and so on. Because it is rare and must be handled with care, it is also a ghostly book that has no place in bookstores and libraries.

Fragile Books was established to deal with such odd-shaped books that are less than "books" and more than "books." With a style that does not have a store, we will record the details of weak, delicate, and fragile books and sell them on the web. Please enjoy it without touching it.