Fragile Expo

Raum Editions

The thought that goes into making a book, the gesture of turning the pages, and the story surrounding the book are all art” - these words are a clear indication of his publishing aesthetics. He is Miguel Angelo Martins, who was born in Madeira, Portugal, and emerged in the world of books like a comet. He and his partner Laura run a small publishing label, Raum Editions, in Salamanca, midwestern Spain. Their publications have a different theme each time, but are somehow connected to painting and color, and are printed entirely by lithograph, with minimal binding. I have a deep respect, beyond sympathy, for the way they distance themselves from the publishing world, which places supreme importance on distribution, and instead earnestly confront their artistic projects, which are planned as books. In this Fragile Exposition, we are pleased to present 12 artist books and multiples of works from such a small Spanish publishing label.
[Period] 2024.2.1 - 2024.2.29